iProcess Global Research Inc is a leading academic research organization providing access to the best research sites and investigators across India.  As the largest network of sites across India, we work with prestigious universities, research centers and government organizations. From University Research Centers, to Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies as well as the NIH, we have participated in several large population clinical trials. We are proud to have contributed to several pivotal trials which will have an impact on the next 100 years of the practice of medicine globally.  Read More





iProcess Global Research Inc, is a leading provider of Biospecimens globally. With a network of over 100 sites across India, we are the choosen procurement partner for several research labs, diagnostic, medical device and pharmaceutical companies as well as manufacturers. We have the ability to procure high quality biospecimens including Paraffin Embedded, Tissues, Glass Slides,Blood, Serum, Urine and many other types. We have access to the largest cancer centers across India as well as different disease types including Cancer, Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Hepatitis, Cardiovasular , etc. We work with the best ISO 9001 laboratories to ensure our samples are quality checked to meet the needs of our Sponsors.