Driving Innovation in Global Research
iProcess Global Research has grown from a few hospitals to managing research across several hundred hospitals in India and has also expanded beyond the borders to countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Singapore. Our ability to deliver the top recruiting centers with the most experienced investigators as well as biospecimens for research has made us the choice of Sponsors from several Prestigous universities, government organizations as well as pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We are known to consistently deliver high performing sites, experienced investigators, a strong biospecimen procurement network and a strong project management team to make every research project a success.

India's Largest Research and Biospecimens Network

From Regulatory to Study Closeout
iProcess Global Research has a team of highly qualified experts to handle all aspects of a clinical trial starting from the regulatory applications with the respective authorities to site selection, investigator and coordinator training, clinical monitoring, adverse event reporting, site visits, patient recruitment, query resolution and study closeout. Our Sponsors choose to work with us due to  approach of working closely in managing every aspect of a study to ensure a successful outcome. Our pricing model provides academic researchers the ability to focus on their research while Team iProcess manages all aspects of the study conduct.