Which therapeutic areas does  iProcess Global Research focus?
We work across all therapeutic areas, typically working with the best network of sites in India. We have over 100 sites in our network including the best Government and Private hospitals and labs across India

I have my own connections with sites in India. Why would I use iProcess Global Research?
Like most of our clients, you have sites and connections with good investigators in India, however when it comes to doing a research project, you also need a team of clinical monitors, regulatory specialists, patient recruitment specialists and project managers to make your study a success. With iProcess Global Research you achieve all this and more without the added cost. We have stringent processes in place for procurement of Biospecimens to meet your needs and work with the best sites in India to ensure we can deliver the requirements with the highest quality and meet the timelines set by our customers

The Regulatory Environment in India is challenging.
India is at part with the rest of the world in terms of its regulations. After changes in 2015, and ongoing changes, DCGI has streamlined regulatory process in India thereby giving a proper structure to the entire approval process with well defined timelines. Moreover, in 2016, the Govt of India removed restrictions on the export of Biospecimens.

I have a limited Funding and will not be able to hire a CRO
Unlike a CRO, we consider ourselves to be an Academic Research Organization. We work with investigators from universities, research organizations, government entities as well as pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Our pricing model takes into consideration  the limited grant/funding available to investigators to recruit patients for their research